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BFSC Law Firm was established in 2007 with the goal of becoming one of Vietnamese law firms capable of providing transnational legal services. With that goal, BFSC has developed into a professional law firm with more than thirty lawyers and legal specialists mainly working at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices.

BFSC provides legal services to clients under a unified service process at all Offices based on intensive legal knowledge and extensive practical experience of lawyers, professional consultants and the knowledge of BFSC’s staff on the business activities of clients and any mechanism, policy and environment of business in Vietnam.

BFSC’s approach and solution is to integrate all best lawyers, legal specialists and staffs of our team to provide legal services to our clients whether the clients’ requests are made at any our offices.

BFSC develops and provides a diversified legal services ranging from consulting services for general investment and business to intensive consultation for enterprises in the fields of finance and banking, insurance, real estate, construction, energy an infrastructure, trade and international transportation, pharmaceutical and health care, medical equipment. Our clients are mainly large capitalization enterprises, qualified for listing or listed on the stock exchange, accounting for a large proportion of our clients are private enterprises, groups, and Multinational companies.

The legal services that BFSC has been practiced so far include transactions of investment, trading and incorporation, equitization, issuance of securities, capital and financing transactions, contract, franchise, taxation, insurance and specialized business laws.

The BFSC has practiced numerous disputes over business, investment, trade with high values and cross-border disputes through the mediation or court proceeding mechanism. We are particularly experienced in resolving disputes through International arbitration mechanism and mediation without court proceedings. 

All BFSC’s lawyers have intensive experience in practice, extensive knowledge, prudence, credibility and are most likely to work with clients in environment of international transactions. Some BFSC’s lawyers are recognized as qualified practitioners in several US States (California, New York, Washington) and Australia, France, Belgium, Germany and Singapore. BFSC’s lawyers are most likely to practise both consultative and litigation activities and are respected by state management agencies, Courts and Arbitration Agencies.

BFSC Law Firm is assessed as one of the Leading law firms in the legal services market in Vietnam. We are trusted by our clients and respected by state management agencies, Courts and Arbitration Agencies.

Our vision

To be the Premier Law Firm in Vietnam with a single minded dedication by providing the highest level of legal expertise placing our firm in a class of its own in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia.​​

Our commitment

Lawyering excellence

Developing Vietnam legal expertise

Growing the legal community in Vietnam and throughout the region

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    Belvedere Building, No28A Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam​


    (+84-24) 7108 2688


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