No 154/24 Ly Tu Trong St, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang, Vietnam.
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    Danang office

    The Danang Branch is one of our three offices providing legal services. With the personnel of six lawyers and legal experts, Danang Branch fully practices diversified legal services ranging from providing consultation, legal resolutions to dispute resolution.

    BFSC Law Firm’s work approach and resolution is to integrate the best lawyers, staffs among our team in the offices to focus on solving client’s problems by the best method, whether the clients’ requests are made at any our offices.

    Services practiced in Danang Branch include:

    Company and corporate merging and acquisition

    Including consultancy on corporate establishment, governance, investment, merging and acquisition, restructuring, franchising, contracts, taxation, labour, specialized business laws.

    Capital and securities market

    Including equitization, securities issuance, listing, offering, purchase offering, bond issuing, issuance underwriting.

    Financing and Banking

    Including corporate finance, project finance, capital mobilization, lending and capital lending, export and import credit financing, investment credit, governance in banking and financial institutions, insurance enterprises.

    Energy and infrastructure 

    Including investment, real estate project, mining project, transportation infrastructure project, construction project and other projects on energy, mining, natural resources and infrastructure.

    Pharmaceutical and medical areas

    Including testing, publication, registration, circulation of drugs, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, biological products and drug activities on investment, import and export, drug materials and biological products.

    Including investment, bidding, construction, management and governing of medical clinics, public and private hospitals and solving medical problems.

    Food, functional food and beverage

    Including investment, cooperation, announcement and assurance of quality and safety standards.

    Trade and retail

    Including export, import, franchise, competition and anti-monopoly

    Transportation and forwarding of commodity and cargos

    Including forwarding, payment, insurance, ship chartering, transporting contracts.

    Education and training

    Including investment in education development, affiliation, joint venture and training quality assurance.

    Clean agriculture and environment

    Including investment, development of organic agriculture, environmentally friendly and ensuring consumer health.

    Including business investment in waste water, waste treatment, public and industrial environment sanitation.

    Litigation and dispute resolution

    Including resolution of disputes on trade, business and investment by way of mediation without court proceeding or through Court proceedings or Arbitral proceedings, International arbitration proceedings are covered.

    Including resolution of competition, antimonopoly cases and administrative complaints on economic, taxation, customs, corporate management.

    Including defense for entrepreneurs, corporate managers, or state managers in criminal cases of economy and work position.

    Legal services for entrepreneurs and managers

    Including all administrative, judicial procedures or resolution of complaints, disputes and legal issues such as visa, residence, nationality, labour, marriage, child raising, housing, land, divorce, inheritance, etc., for entrepreneurs, corporate and state management officials.

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