Capital markets

Capital markets is an area that BFSC focuses on developing because of its vital significance for businesses and projects. 

We give advice on private placement of shares, share offering to existing shareholders, public offering for capital raising, debt swap, mergers, consolidation, and restructuring. We have advised on private placement and public offering of bonds. 

We have also provided counsel to investment fund members and shareholders of securities investment companies on controlling and managing activities of funds and securities investment companies. 

Typical experiences regarding the capital market: 

Advising a public joint stock company on two share offerings to increase its charter capital by US $5.2 million, including share offering to existing shareholders and share offering under Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). 

Advising on private placement of bonds for an enterprise in a group of companies operating in multiple industries with total value of US $38 million. 

Advising a real estate enterprise on the private placement of bonds for project development, the total value of which is US $26 million. 

Advising on private placement of shares to increase charter capital for a company operating in real estate business on VNR500 list with transaction value of more than US $  20 million. 

Advising on public offering of shares to convert a state-owned company into a joint stock company. 

Advising on the swap of a bank’s debt for US $ 100 million debt of two companies of a corporation in Vietnam. 

Advising a public joint stock company on a private placement of shares for strategic shareholders, which is worth US $11.6 million. 

Advising a public joint stock company on redemption of shares to increase the number of treasury shares, worth US $1.5 million. 

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