Corporate, private equity and m&a

Corporate, private equity and m&a (acquisition & merging) is one of the key practices that help to define the position of BFSC Law Firm (“BFSC“) in the legal services market for enterprises in Vietnam.

With our good knowledge of the practical business environment in Vietnam, BFSC has developed and provided a wide range of legal services to investors, enterprises and corporations:

Establishing and managing corporate legal (Including and mainly are establishing and managing corporate legality in the form of groups, corporations, parent companies);

Corporate acquisition & merging and restructuring;

Investment, cooperation and legal management of investment projects, business cooperation contracts;

Drafting and negotiating contracts;

Corporate Taxation and Finance;


Competition and antimonopoly;


Insurance of product quality, services and environmental protection;

Internal lawyer for enterprise;

Training legal knowledge and professionalism for staff of enterprises;

Resolving internal as well as external disputes and/or disputes.

Our lawyers have gained a lot of experience in providing legal services to clients who are investors, enterprises, corporations operating in specific industries, including:

+ Pharmaceutical, medical products and its equipment;

+ Food, functional foods and beverages;

+ Trading and retail;

+ Transportation and logistics;

+ Business in Insurance;

+ Banking and financing;

+ Real estate;

+ Construction and infrastructure;

+ Energy and environment;

+ Clean agriculture;

+ Education and training.

We always try to thoroughly understand about the specific business activities of each client and find out about business environment and mechanisms, policies relating to their business activities.

With long-standing practical experiences of our lawyers and our good knowledge of our client’s business and business environment in Vietnam, we always timely provide our clients with legal advices and practical, effective solutions.

As a result, BFSC is recognized as one of the best law firms in Vietnam by foreign investors, domestic, foreign enterprises and corporations operating in Vietnam.

For the sake of client information security, BFSC try to restrict the disclosure of our client information and related cases for the purpose of demonstrating our capacity and experience.

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