Corporate & private equity

Corporate & private equity constitute the key field on which BFSC provides consultancy and of which BFSC attaches great importance to the development. 

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience in consulting on legal issues related to corporate governance for types of enterprise including joint stock companies, public joint stock companies and groups of companies; investment; contract; license; administrative procedures; tax; competition; labor; intellectual property; and anti-money laundering. We have in-depth consulting experience for businesses operating in fields such as banking, finance, insurance, securities and fund management, real estate, construction, infrastructure development, energy, mining, trade and retail, information technology, transportation and logistics, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. 

Because of understanding the business environment in Vietnam and possessing in-depth legal knowledge and diverse consulting experiences, we provided our clients with not only legal services but also effective legal solutions to solve every problem faced by the enterprises. 

Typical experiences in the field of corporate & private equity: 

Give counsel on development of an industrial park project with the total investment of more than US $500 million borrowed from a domestic bank under a business cooperation contract. 

Advising a group of investors in the acquisition of a group of mining projects for building materials with a total transaction value of more than US $32 million borrowed from a domestic bank. 

Advising an enterprise on the sale of investment assets on leased land with annual payment of more than US $27 million on transaction structure, tax and procedures for payment and transfer of assets. 

Advising a foreign investor on investment and licensing procedures for a textile and dyeing project worth more than US $50 million. 

Advising an investor in an over-20-MW hydropower plant on legal procedures related to land lease, land rent and issuance of Land Use Right Certificate. 

Advising on infrastructure investment projects with total investment of more than US $ 965 million implemented in Bac Giang province of by a company on VNR500 list. 

Consulting to restructure four enterprises of a corporation in Vietnam operating in light industry. 

Participating in debt restructuring in a opening bankruptcy procedures of a Vietnamese enterprise with the Bank and creditors and helping businesses to restore production activities, initially profitable. 

Advising on an investment project to build a hospital under a business cooperation contract between a public hospital and a commercial bank in which the bank takes control of the project. 

Consulting investment project of mining in Bac Kan with a total investment of more than US $ 100 million of a company on VNR500 list. 

Legal management consultancy for an infrastructure trading company on the list of VNR500 on business activities of this company and 3 subsidiaries, an associated company. 

Advising a group of construction companies on joint venture, bidding and construction of traffic infrastructure. 

Advising on infrastructure investment projects with total investment of more than US $ 150 million implemented in Quang Nam province of by a company on VNR500 list. 

Advising on tax, financial obligations and compliance related to receiving and transferring an infrastructure investment project worth more than US $270 million. 

Advising the investment project on constructing a steel factory for Chinese Taiwanese investors in Dai Dang Industrial Park – Binh Duong with a project implementation capital of US $ 10 million. 

Legal advice for a seafood processing corporation on the business activities of the Company and its branches in Vietnam. 

In-house lawyer for a paper manufacturing enterprise in Hau Giang province, which is the largest paper factories in Vietnam and top 5 largest paper factories in the world. 

In-house lawyer for a company on real estate, business and exploitation traditional markets and shopping centers in Can Tho city, has consulted four projects with a total value of more than US $  100 million. 

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