Litigation and dispute resolution 

BFSC Law Firm (“BFSC“) is considered as one of the leading Law firms in Vietnam for investors, enterprises and corporations to choose when they face any disputes needed to be resolved.

We have represented for many clients in the resolution of business and commercial disputes through methods of negotiation, mediation without court proceedings and arbitration court proceedings, international arbitration, including numerous disputes resolved through the mechanism of dialogue – mediation without court proceedings or through the resolution mechanism of Arbitration and International arbitration. We have represented for many clients in the resolution of business, commercial and investment disputes in courts and judgment enforcement agencies (enforcement agencies). We also represent for many clients in resolving administrative claims over investment, corporate governance, taxation, competition, monopoly and other State management activities.

We have resolved many complicated disputes in Vietnam and cross-border disputes involving investment, real estate, construction, pharmaceutical and medical products, financing, banking, maritime, international trade, infrastructure, energy.

BFSC also established and developed a specialized division of civil lawyers to provide legal services to entrepreneurs, corporate managers and foreign individual investors living and working in Vietnam. This division provides legal services mainly related to: visa, nationality, work permit, residence permit, household registration, personal income taxation, marriage, child raising, house purchasing, land, inheritance, divorce, resolution of disputes over property, housing, land, stocks, etc., and other legal issues for clients such as foreign investors, entrepreneurs and senior managers of corporations, enterprises, State management agencies. BFSC’s lawyers have also provided defense in many criminal cases in which the offenders are investors, entrepreneurs, managers of enterprises, State management officials for committing crimes on taxation, securities, smuggling, transfer pricing.

All BFSC’s lawyers are highly respected by state management agencies of competition, taxation, customs, finance, procedure agency and arbitration organization for our their knowledge, experience, and ability to provide services of international quality with extensive understanding of Vietnamese laws and international laws as well.

For the sake of client information security, BFSC try to restrict the disclosure of our client information and related cases for the purpose of demonstrating our capacity and experience.

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