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Happy Tet

Dear Valued Clients and Friends, Sincerely wishing you and your relatives a healthy and a happy in Tet

Dispute resolution in Vietnam.

The parties involved in the disputes, depending on the actual situation of such case, may choose a Foreign court or a Foreign arbitration agency, International arbitration agency to handle the dispute. For judgments, decisions made by Foreign courts or awards made by Foreign arbitration agency related to the enforcement in Vietnam. One of the parties […]

Offering and transferring shares in Vietnamese enterprises.

Offering and transferring shares in an enterprise is implemented for a variety of reasons, such as: i) Transferring internal shares of founding shareholders, transferring internal shares of ordinary ones; ii) Issuing additional shares to increase charter capital for small-sized enterprises; iii) Issuing additional shares to increase charter capital for large-sized enterprises (issuing stocks); iv) Transferring […]

Corporate acquisition and merging in Vietnam

Except for the regulations of the Law on Enterprises No. 59/2020/QH14 on selling Private enterprises, there is no obvious legal regulation on trading enterprises for the models of Joint-stock company, Limited liability company, Partnership, Parent – child company or economic group. The corporate acquisition activities over these models are mainly implemented through the mechanism of […]

Projects, infrastructure and energy

 BFSC Law Firm provides consultancy and representing services for investors, businesses and corporations in negotiating contracts related to infrastructure, real estate and energy investments, including contracts signed between the investor and the main contractor, joint venture contractor, subcontractor. We also advise and represent in contract implementation supervision and project legal management.

Intellectual Property

In the field of Intellectual Property, BFSC Law Firm provides comprehensive consultancy and representing services to help customers look up, register, renew, assign, transfer (license), protect and resolve disputes over Industrial property, including: Trademarks, Geographical indications, trade names, business secrets, against fair competition.

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